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DentistLink's Urgent Care Network

Dear Spokane Oral Health Care Provider,

We are writing today to ask for your support. In our region, we have seen several providers that once accepted Apple Health insurance for dental care close their offices or stop accepting that insurance all together. What this means for our neighbors is long wait times to get into dental care, often in pain, or turning to urgent care centers and emergency rooms when they can't wait.

Will you help us address this issue? As a community, we need to step forward and confront this challenge. People should not have to wait months to be able to get the care they need or end up in an emergency room where they can't get needed care. Every single available appointment helps.

What you can do:
1.  Agree to accept Apple Health insurance for urgent needs
2.  Join and sign up to receive referrals for urgent need cases

a. We will only send you referrals for people with urgent needs
b. You tell us how many referrals a month you would like to receive
c. You can stop receiving referrals at any time

3.  Talk to other providers in your network to encourage them to help meet our community's need

Thank you for all your work to serve the health of people in our region. We hope you will join us to address this new challenge. For more information or to sign up, please contact Carl George at or 208-771-0444, or visit

Dentistlink is a referral service, fully funded by Arcora Foundation, that connects people across the state of Washington to a dental provider. This is provided at no cost to users or providers. We focus on serving people with Apple Health insurance or who are uninsured.

Please reach out Carl George at or 208-771-0444 with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Kimberly Craven, South Hill Dental
Dr. Elisabeth Warder, CHAS

You can view the original document here.

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